Anna Vidaev, Director of Operations

Anna Vidaev was born to the world of paint brushes, pencils and erasers. She had no choice but to pick up the talents of her parents who were both architects and find her own voice in the art, photography and design community. With many days and nights spent on sketching cartoon characters and arts & crafts projects as a child, her skills developed into her own promising talent and an individual artistic voice.

Anna is also a legal professional and a published writer. She previously supported day-to-day operations and business management of a private company. In the last few years she added nonprofit management to her professional endeavors, having worked with a diverse group of nonprofit organizations. She assisted a number of organizations with program evaluation, needs assessment, outsourcing capacity, resource mobilization and development, mission creation and event coordination.

Her continuous curiosity and thirst for knowledge resulted in a comprehensive educational background. Anna obtained a BBA in Marketing and an MPA in Nonprofit Management from Pace University, and a JD from New York Law School. She is admitted to practice law in New York and New Jersey.