Jasna Popovic, Artistic Director

The award-winning and internationally-acclaimed Serbian pianist Jasna Popovic resides in New York City.

This generation of classical music performers has recognized Popovic as a pioneer in advancing the creation of contemporary solo and chamber works while being rooted in the traditions of the past. She has performed, promoted and organized concerts for composers and musicians in some of the world’s most prestigious venues, playing a significant role in introducing both classical and new compositions to the public and a younger audience.

Jasna Popovic attended prestigious Hochschule für Musik in Munich, Germany. She has won numerous awards, including Fourth Place at the International Competition in Rome (2002) and Second Place at the National Piano Competition in Belgrade (1994). Popovic, who has performed at various festivals throughout the world, was particularly honored in 2005, with an invitation to perform at the International Keyboard Festival in New York. In 2006, following her receipt of the Passantino Award for Extraordinary Achievements from the City University of New York, she had a series of successful performances in New York at Weill Recital Hall/Zankel/Stern Perlman Auditorium at Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, Steinway Hall, Lefrack Hall; at Kennedy Center in Washington, DC; at Kolarac Hall in Belgrade; and at other major venues throughout Europe, Asia, and South America. As a pianist for Sing for Hope, Popovic performed at the Times Square Opening on May 16, 2013, the Metropolitan Opera on June 5, 2013, and at the Port Authority Bus Terminal on June 7, 2017 in front of thousands of people. She has played alongside numerous award-winning musicians including Rodin Scedrin, Anna Gourari, David Bryan and Roman Patkolo to name a few.

Politika Belgrade states, “Her playing is a pure emotion!” and Munich Mercur writes, ”Excellent! Her elegant and effortless playing is something you have to hear!” In 2017, Popovic conceived of an international music project, “Around the Piano World,” posting an invitation on Facebook. Within less than an hour, she received compositions from more than 30 composers from China, Germany, Israel, and the United States. Impressed that they wanted to share their music with her, she premiered these international works in New York City. While it was easy to discover composers from Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Russia, Popovic found it difficult to locate composers in countries where the piano is not a traditional instrument. She did her research, found them through the internet, and sent them emails. She was very surprised by their enthusiasm about the project. She has collected music from around 30 countries and started practicing. Although some of the pieces have been very challenging, she was determined to learn all of them. With the support of her friend Joseph Patrych, the acclaimed recording producer and owner of Patrych Sound Studios, she has begun recording these works weekly, with a CD to be released in September. Popovic performs these compositions monthly at different venues, with the composers either present or conferenced in so that the audiences can have a conversation with them. She is excited about the growth and future of this project.